Letter from Mr Sánchez Rodríguez

Dear Catalan friends,

A couple of weeks ago I learned that a Catalan citizen who wrote a letter to the European Commission in Catalan, was answered by Spanish official of the "Unit for Reception and Referral of Official Documents" Mr Gabriel Sánchez Rodríguez in Latvian. I sent a letter to the Directorate-General for the Presidency of the European Parliament, asking for an explanation for this seemingly insulting behaviour. Below you will find the official response I received.


Comments on the Cypriot Presidency in the Plenary

Mr President,

As I visited Cyprus in spring last year, I wondered how the country would deal with the EU Presidency. A small island with so much diversity looks like Europe in a nutshell. There are Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots and next to them Russians, British, Lebanese and many other people running around in Cyprus. I admit, I was also sceptical because you Mr Christofias, are a long standing Communist, you were trained at the Party School in Moscow in the 1970s. It sounds scary for European conservatives. You are in fact the first, and I presume the last, communist rotating President of the EU. You are also the only Communist I know who is against the FTT. Please convince your Comrades here.

At the end of your Presidency I want to be honest. I think you, your government and your officials did very well. Let me address you in the language of Vladimir Iljitsch Lenin: Благодарю за хорошую работу и желаю процветания Кипру! Since Russian is not an official language of the EU yet, I thanked the President for the good work and whish him a blossoming Cyprus.

But unfortunately, Cyprus is not blossoming. In fact, it is in need of a bail-out. Mr President, you are getting from the rouble to the rubble. If bailed out, the debt of Cyprus jumps up to 150 percent of GDP. So, who are we bailing out: you or Russian billionaires? Cyprus established a good record as rotating President. There is a budget for this year. Progress has been made on Banking Supervision. The Single European Patent was agreed after 30 years.