When I first heard that the Nobel Peace Prize would go to the EU, I thought it was a joke. The timing is absurd. With the Euro crisis, the EU has created a situation that is holding the entire world economy hostage and which is pushing Greece back to the status of a developing country. Riots in Athens, demonstrations in Spain, with youth unemployment of fifty per cent. Does that justify a Nobel Peace Prize?

Looking at the criterion "European integration during 50 years", this is far too broad. It would have been better to award the prize to the NATO instead.

The EU completely missed the Arab Spring, supported to the very end the regimes in Tunisia and Egypt and EU leaders welcomed the Libyan leader Ghadaffi with all honors. Does that justify a Nobel Peace Prize?

Yet now that the Norwegians have awarded this prize to the EU, I hope their wealthy pension funds will help out with the rescue plans for Greece, Spain and Portugal.

Curious, the Norwegians applaud the EU but never joined it themselves!

Kind regards,

Derk Jan Eppink